In Ireland, The Cliffs of Moher Will Blow You Away!

Emily Cable is a student at the University of Rhode Island and an ISA Featured Blogger. Emily is currently studying abroad with Interstudy in Dublin, Ireland.

Cliffs 1

This weekend I went on an excursion with the NUI International Student Society to the Cliffs of Moher. There were a little less than one hundred of us on the trip. We piled into the two tour buses around 8:00 in the morning and took the three-hour drive out to the opposite coast. The drive, as expected, was quite beautiful; green fields and sheep everywhere! It so surprising to me that even in January, the grass is still so vibrant and luscious. I guess that’s what you get when it rains everyday!

This day was no exception. It rained on and off the entire day, but that did not stop us from enjoying the breathtaking views.

When we first arrived, groggy from being on a bus for so long, we were instantly awakened with the whipping wind from the Atlantic Ocean. I am completely serious when I say this wind could knock you off your feet. I watched it happen! All of us laughed at the challenge, climbing up the stairs to the viewing decks while the wind increased with each step. The view was completely worth it though.

Imagine living there? What a view.

On one side of the park is a small tower called O’Brien’s Tower. O’Brien’s Tower was built in 1835 by its landlord, Cornelius O’Brien, a descendent of the first High King of Ireland. The Tower originally consisted of four separate sections but has been reduced to two with a connecting arch.

In the surrounding area along the cliffs, there are several over sights to see such as the Sea Cave, Sea Arch, and Sea Stack. Lots of sea stuff! Unfortunately, due to the time of year, it was kind of hard to see these things, but I did my best! My recommendation would be to go on a clear day.

Cliffs and Cave
Kind of hard to see, but that cave is huge!

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