How To Seem More Parisian

Crista Pillitteri is a student at Rowan University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Crista has recently returned from an ISA Summer 2 program in Paris, France.

After living in Paris for 5 weeks, you get to noticing how Parisians live. Especially the little things they do. So I decided to compile a list of interesting Parisian doings that my friends and I noticed while studying in Paris.

Parisian people…

Sit on the same side of the table. Outside restaurants and cafes they watch people walking by on the street, instead of watching each other eat.

Don’t pronounce half of their words.  If you’re learning how to speak French, just forget the last three letters in every word. And you’ll sound perfect.

Never have to pee.  You better have a strong bladder in Paris. Or change to pay for a public restroom… if you can even find one in time. (Look for a McDonald’s. They are like the pee-ers paradise.)

Eat a lot of bread. Breakfast at a hotel consisted of: a loaf of white, a loaf of wheat, small rolls, croissants, pains au chocolate, and a few not so carby things on the side.

Smoke. You can save a lot of money on cigarettes. Just inhale enough second-hand smoke there.

Walk around with baguettes in hand. Or in bike basket. It’s like looking at a painting the way these people walk around with their fresh baked breads.

Drive miniature vehicles. They look like U.S cars put in a shrink machine.

Are all hipsters.  Paris has a large population of cool kids… soo many leather jackets.

Only have two types of milk. It’s full crème or half crème. Don’t look too hard for skim because you’ll never find it.

Really like cats. In a way, Parisians and cats are kind of alike.

Make great pâtés. Tuna, tomato, it’s all good.

Use cheese. Alot. It’s in almost every salad or sandwich you can order.

Don’t eat peanut butter. Nope. Can’t even find it in the stores.

Actually sit in the French gardens. Eat, sit, relax, but don’t sit on the pretty grass- that’s what the guards are watching for.

Wear nice shoes. The bus driver had nicer shoes on than me.. suede and point- toed.

Are not as mean as everyone says. They keep to themselves. But in general, I had many nice experiences with Parisian people. No one was outwardly mean to me like the stereotype hyped me for.

Are beautiful. All of them. Tall and skinny… with milky smooth skin.

… Okay, there may have been a few more important differences. But those were the most interesting.

If you want to live like the average American-hating-cheese-loving-wine-drinking-baguette-carrying Parisian, remember those differences and you’re set… And don’t look confused on the Metro.

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