So Long, London

Sarah Barrett is a student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and an ISA Featured Blogger. Sarah has recently returned from an ISA Summer 4 program in London, England.

Today, I fumbled with my wallet, attempting to find a loose quarter to plug a parking meter with. While the quarter eluded me, my hand brushed against another piece of change. I was hoping for a dime, so I could at least get myself ten minutes of safety from the parking patrol. However, I instead pulled out a ten pence, with the familiar face of Queen Elizabeth II looking back at me, and my heart sank a little bit.

I have been home for about ten days, and with an intense sorority recruitment week, and school starting, I have not had much time to process my time abroad. The British band Mumford & Sons played in my town on Monday, and I couldn’t believe how wonderfully familiar their British accents sounded to my ear. I think it is safe to say that I miss London dearly. When people ask me about my time there, I am not sure where to start. Everything from the people, to the pubs, and even the subways captured my heart. I would hop on a plane now and go back, if I could. But, it’s back to the grindstone of books, papers, and life in America.

Thankfully, I have already seen how I can take what I learned in England this summer and apply it to my life. I am currently enrolled in two British literature classes. The places these writers talk about have already come to life so much more because I have experienced England. I am so thankful for this new perspective, the global experience, and the ways in which I was challenged as a person. Studying abroad is so worth the time, money, energy, etc. I know it is cliché, but I really would encourage all college students to do so while they can. I promise you, you will not regret it.

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