Where I’m From From and Where I’m Going: Crystal River v. London

Carolyn Allen is a student at Florida State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Carolynn is about to be studying in London on the ISA Summer 2 program.

I leave for London a week from Friday. Holy smokes! Can’t say I’m fully prepared..mentally or physically for that matter. I haven’t started packing. I haven’t even made a packing list! I haven’t purchased an Oyster Card. The list could go on.

What I have done, however, is daydream…a lot. The last month or so I’ve spent a large portion of my time zoning out of conversations and missing out on sleep because I can’t stop daydreaming about life as a Brit. Well at least, 3 weeks of life as a Brit.

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect—no clue what my life will look like for the 3 weeks that I am a Londoner. But I do know what my life looks like now, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be different.

So far I’ve come up with 5 things that I anticipate being different in London (and am super excited about!)

1)   Geography. Country vs. City

Where I’m from, it’s not unusual to drive for miles and see nothing but green fields. I’m so excited to live life in the city- to not have to drive 15 minutes to get somewhere, but simply walk down the street or take the underground.

2)   Food. Southern comfort food vs. Not the best food in Europe..

If you’ve never eaten like a southerner, well, my friends, you have missed out on some of the greatest food God ever created. Unfortunately, London does not have the most shining reputation for it’s food. But as an amateur foodie and a southern girl who appreciates a good meal, I am determined to disprove this theory in the 3 weeks that I’m there.

3)   Fashion! Bright colors vs. Blacks

We wear a lot of bright colors around here. In case you didn’t know, central Florida gets pretty hot, and black just isn’t a good idea. I’m pretty excited to have an excuse to explore my inner city chic.

4)   Weather. Avg Temp 80degrees vs. Avg Temp 60 degrees

Speaking of hot… I can’t wait for a change in temperature. Oh, and what’s that? There’s no humidity in London? I won’t start sweating every time I walk outdoors? Oh ok, I think I’ll manage. :)

5)   Tea. Sweet vs. Hot

Sweet tea with breakfast. Sweet tea with lunch. Sweet tea with dinner. Sweet tea with dessert. Not sure how my southern roots will adapt to the British way of drinking tea, but I’m down for the challenge.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these 5 things measure up to reality once I cross the Atlantic. Bring it on London!

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