Mi Amor.. Santiago!

Kate Gutmann is a student at Ohio State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kate is currently in Santiago before studying abroad and participating in service-learning in Valparaíso, Chile on a Summer Study + Service-Learning program.

Hi Readers!

We’re wrapping up our time now in Santiago.. que triste! This mini excurison has been amazing to get to know the city. We have traveled all around from cathedrals, museums, Pablo Neruda’s house, and other little strips of restaurants.

Last night, a group of us “gringos” attempted to find a place to eat dinner on our own. We ended up after about thirty minutes of walking back and forth between blocks, looking at maps, and cat calls from people sitting outside, at a restaurant on a side street called California. At first, I was unsure of the restaurant because it was not on our map of suggested places but it turned out to be great! The menu had a wide variety of food.. pizza, tacos, sandwiches.. etc. The food was very good! I split a flat bread pizza with another student which had pepperoni, bacon, tomatoes, a green spice, and a few types of cheese (I think, we didnt read the ingredients and just decided to try our luck with one of them!)

At the restaurant, the main thing that I was taken back by was the indoor smoking because its illegal in Ohio. At first, I felt like I was being suffocated but I’ve learned to get used to it once again. There was a large group of about 15 locals sitting in the same back room as us and one of them was dared to come talk to our table as the other people at the table all took pictures.. it seems to be the reaction of many Chileans to Americans! I had NO idea what the man was asking us.. but it provided some entertainment to our night!

I’ve uploaded some pictures from the vineyard and Pablo Neruda’s house.

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Hi! My name is Kate Gutmann and I am a student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a Marketing major through the Fisher College of Business and I am also pursuing a Spanish minor. After a high school class trip to Spain I realized how much the Spanish language and culture fascinates me; I never wanted to leave. I chose to study abroad in Chile because I want to be able to increase my Spanish speaking abilities while being surrounded by native speakers and engulfed in a whole new way of life. Also, I can't wait to volunteer with the locals and get to know them on a more personal basis. Everything about this trip excites me and I can't wait to tell others about all of my amazing experiences and hopefully influence my peers to follow in my footsteps and study abroad too.

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