2.5 Weeks and Counting

View of Prague

Oh Prague. How do I even begin to say goodbye.

Only three short months ago, and I knew nothing about this city aside from the fact that I was going here, and  it was in the Czech Republic. And now in two weeks, I’ll be at the airport, trying one last time to figure out the best excuse to tell my parents why I’m staying in Europe. It won’t happen, and then I’ll be back home, my favorite city thousands of miles away going on like it never even knew I existed. Despite all the souvenirs I plan on buying and shoving in my suitcase, there are some things I have to leave behind, regrettably so. But I guess that just means I’ll have to come back sometime soon!

Things I’m going to miss most:

1. My room and class mates. They are some amazing people who I have learned so much from. No matter what city I would have been, this experience would not be worth it without them.

2. Walking home from class. One of my favorite things to do is to get off a few tram stops early and walk past the beautiful buildings. It’s so wonderful to walk over the river and see Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, my favorite park, etc. every day. I’ve seen some beautiful sunsets over the castle from these walks too!

3. Czech- the language. Its oddly comforting now to get off the plane or train from a trip abroad and hear people speaking Czech, or the familiar announcements on the tram. I’m certainly going to miss it when I’m surrounded by plain old English!

4. The city. Prague really is the most beautiful city in Europe, and it changes personality from sunrise to sunset. My favorite is rainy Prague, when all the lights are reflecting in the puddles and all the people have taken cover inside. But I mean- I’d take any Prague, any day and be happy.

5. And finally, the people. Czechs really are great once you get to know them. They certainly know what’s good in life, and I’ve learned a lot from them too!

So, If there are two things I could tell future students–in Prague or elsewhere–it would probably have to be: Never plan to have a plan, but also have a check list of things to do so you’re never bored, and most importantly: Never say no. Take full advantage of everything you can, and even if you’re exhausted, sick, in a bad mood, etc. always go with your room mates when they invite you somewhere. Some of the best memories I have from this semester come from those days when I was so not in the mood to go for a walk- or try to find a so called milk shake haven, but I went anyway. It’s so worth it–and why would you not want to! There’s a whole wide world waiting for you to explore.

Na Shledanou!

Valerie Zawada
Prague, Czech Republic
Spring 2012

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