Horseback Riding in Spain

Horseback riding on the beach

I have now crossed the two month mark here in Sevilla. By this time around, when I mention the word “home,” I refer to my home here in Sevilla, not the U.S. Just a few days ago, I was thinking to myself that I have not traveled much. Once I began writing a list of all the places I have been to, I realized that I have, just within Spain, more precisely in Andalusia. The place that has given me the best experience by far is an hour and half bus ride away in Huelva, a province of Spain.

I went to Matalascañas, a beach that lies on the side of the Atlantic Ocean, with a group of ISA students! The plan was to go horse riding to celebrate Kaitlin’s birthday. When we got off the bus, we had some time to kill before everyone met up with us, so we headed to the beach and enjoyed the water. It was AMAZING! I was SO HAPPY!!! The weather was just great. Alexzandria was so excited since she has not been to the ocean. Deirdre got a piggyback ride from Derrick, so she wouldn’t get her jeans wet. Drew found a good selection of seashells, there were a ton, not exaggerating! We saw this huge rock and were just amazed.

After some trouble in finding Mary and Ashley, we eventually went horseback riding! My horse’s name was Crujilla. This was the 2nd time I have ridden a horse the 1st time was at Griffith Park, when I was still a youngun. We rode for an hour and half. We went up this hill among the National Park there and made our way to the beach! We rode the horses along the beach! It was AMAZING!! We ended up running with the horses and it felt so freeing. One of the two men who was helping us fell! His horse tripped and fell! It was a little scary because I was right behind him and thought I would crash into him. Also it was around then that I lost one of the things I put my foot in the saddle. So I thought I was going to fall off since I was going off to the side a little. Still nothing happened thankfully and it was all A-O-K!

The beach

On the beach

After that we went back to the beach. Drew and Ashley took in the sun and the rest of us went to enjoy the water. Let me just say the plan for the most part was to not get wet, but I really wanted to! That’s why I had my shorts on and my tank top. (Kind of upset I didn’t have a swimsuit on me). Alexzandria got a little wet chasing the waves, she was like a little girl, you could see her enthusiasm. I asked if she would be opposed to going in with me. She said YES to going in. We ended up going into the water and having a little fun in there! Kaitlin and Kelsey followed suit and came in. Let’s just say we all went home wet and smelling like horse. The day was unforgettable. I still can’t believe we rode horses on the beach! Spain has been amazing and I do not for one minute regret my decision in coming here.

Xochitl Cruz
Sevilla, Spain
Spring 2012

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