Modern Shanghai is the NYC of China For Study Abroad in 2012

If you’re heading to China soon (or thinking about it!) for your study abroad trip, you won’t want to miss out on the modern side of China by visiting Shanghai. This city, known as “the New York City of China,” has attracted a lot of attention for its impressive economic growth.The city continues to become a major player in the global marketplace and is home to many growing industries. Take a look at some of the most energetic, exciting and modern development of the city.

Modern Shanghai

  1. The bund
    The bund is a waterfront area in central Shanghai. Located within the former Shanghai International Settlement, the bund, which combines European-style neoclassical buildings on the west side of Huangpu and astonishing skyline views on the east side, has always been the landmark of Shanghai. It perfectly represents the past and the future of Shanghai city.
  2. Pudong District
    The 88-story Jinmao Building, the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Shanghai Tower (currently under construction) all reside in the Pudong district. With all the names listed above, you hardly need another word to describe the area. It is the center of Shanghai economics, as well as the reflection of China’s rapid development. (Also, the newest Disney Theme Park is now under construction in Pudong, and it should be operational by 2013!)
  3. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
    Wondering what Shanghai will look like in the future? The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, located next to People’s Square, will offer you a glimpse into the future of the city. It is a newly designed five-story building with a massive amount of exhibitions, including a history of Shanghai’s evolution, the current skyscrapers and a model of the prosperous future.  Virtual Shanghai, a computer-generated flyover of the city projected onto a 360-degree movie screen, is a big plus!
  4. Nanjing Road
    As the “Broadway of Shanghai,” Nanjing Road, about 3.7 miles long, is believed to be the longest shopping road in the world, attracting over 1 million visitors every day. Located in downtown Shanghai, it has more than 600 businesses and countless famous brands and new fashions from which to choose. As an added perk, the elegantly lit modern architecture provides an amazing view at night.
  5. City God Temple of Shanghai
    City God Temple of Shanghai is not just a temple; it is surrounded by a commercial district. It combines traditional-style buildings with numerous distinctive stores, such as Treasure House, Chopsticks Shop and famous Dumpling and Steamed Bun restaurants. City God Temple is a great place to shop for souvenirs and gifts for friends while enjoying the unique architecture.


Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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