La Flèche d’Or…Finally!

Finally, after many failed attempts, I made it to la Flèche d’Or for a concert. I talked my friend, Sarah, into going (then she subsequently talked me into going as I was going to miss dinner) and so began a night of wonder. First, we had to search for food because I was really hungry, but the prospects were weak at best, especially for a vegetarian. We settled on some fries and she and I shared a mammoth-sized box of golden, delicious French fries.


I didn’t even bother checking out the bands that were playing and I had barely enough time to memorize the set list before I left the apartment. I just wanted to finally see a show there. Curry and Coco were the headliners, but I can’t remember who played before them. The first act, a French duo comprised of a pretty songstress with an indiscernible voice, and a guy who played the guitar, were ok. There songs were the electro-pop variety, but they weren’t captivating or electric enough for my tastes, and I couldn’t understand what the girl was singing. Important note: all the bands that played sang in English, yet they were all French bands.


The second group was my favorite. They certainly got my attention and kept it, using their strong, melodic rock, infused with a little bit of Modest Mouse sounds. I really enjoyed them, but sadly, I can’t remember the name of the band (Jupiter something?).

The final act, Curry and Coco, were a twosome of two 40-somethings playing really, really hard. The drummer took his shirt off and wiped his armpits with a towel, much to the delight of the delirious crowd. I have no idea what that was about, but I laughed just the same.


It was an interesting night for the both of us. During one of the intermissions, Sarah was asked to be in a music video for a band, and the video is to be shown on MTV International. Some crazy French dude tried to talk to her while she was at the bar, and she spent the rest of the night trying to avoid him. Another weirdo, a drunk, old fellow, came to bother her, and when he noticed that we spoke English, he used this as his opportunity to prove that he could speak English as well. Sarah used the “this is my boyfriend” trick to try and deter him and the other “suitor” and I think it might have worked. I didn’t realize that my drink that was included in the entry fee required that I pay 1 euro for the glass. I also didn’t realize that I could get that euro back if I returned the glass to the bar, and I just left my glass on a table outside. At the end of the night, I was squeezing through people to try and find a glass that I could return in hopes of retrieving my euro, but to no avail.


No, I can’t recall the all the band’s names, but I took pictures!!!!

La Flèched’O r:


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