Study Abroad Halftime

The home stay is still going well. There are some perks, like the food, Martine’s benevolence and Xavier. But there are some aspects of the home stay that I’ve gotten used to. Xavier is a pretty cool guy. He’s a bit older than me, but not mid 40’s old, so it’s not weird. He’s really into techno music (electro or house music) and I’m… not. While I’ve been here, I’ve given it a shot. We went over to the popular Rex Club where a DJ played into the wee hours of the morning. That was cool, but it was live, and the DJ was a professional. Now Xavier, who fancies himself a guy with a good musical ear, loves music, and he likes to “produce” music as well. Meaning, he has a music production program on his computer, Appleton, which he uses to make techno music or beats. And he always wants my opinion, or to show me what new creation he just spawned from his computer. It’s cool to have someone value my opinion or want to share, but when I step in the house after a long day, standing in the doorway with my hat and coat on listening to techno isn’t what I like to do first. I want to relax, or at least take off my book bag, when I come in the house. Apparently, Xavier doesn’t notice.

He also talks a lot. We can have a conversation, but he doesn’t notice that there is a point at which the conversation needs to end. Well, I reach the point where I want to stop talking, but he isn’t done. Of course, this home stay is for his benefit as well. He speaks English very well and having American students live here, he has gotten better and better and now, he knows a lot more about American culture than just the loud, fat hamburger-eating stereotype of Americans. I have to remind myself that this is an experience for him as well. Living with him doesn’t mean that I know what all French people are like, as he is just one person, so I will not take any thoughts about him or his family and apply them to all French people.

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