Kim’s Introduction to Brussels

My name is Kimberly Fiser. I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and I graduated from Bryant High School in 2008. I was in the marching band, on yearbook staff, president of NHS, and in Madame Stevens’ French 2 class!Currently, I have been involved with Chi Alpha, a RSO (registered student organization) at Fayetteville. My major is Communication Disorders, which is an undergraduate major leading to speech pathology and audiology. I’m also minoring in French, which is the main reason why I am here in Brussels. It is one thing to study a language in a classroom, but it is another thing entirely to use that language in everyday life, to hear it walking down the street, dubbed in your favorite TV shows, and spoken at the dinner table.My goal in coming to Brussels is to make improvements in pronunciation, to expand my vocabulary, and to explore the cultures of Belgium.I am studying at Vesalius College, the only English-speaking University in Brussels.All of my classes (except my French class) will be in English.Because this university teaches language different than my home university, I had to take a language placement exam.The French class I am taking is primarily an overview of French grammar with some oral presentations and the study of a French play, which is something I haven’t done before.

Outside of classes, I have plans travel around Europe. My groups have excursions to Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, and Germany.I am also hoping to go to a horseback riding exhibition in Spain, a friend’s house in London, and possibly Edinburgh, Scotland. I hope that my experience here will not only be beneficial for you as you study French but also motivate you to continue language studies and perhaps even travel abroad!

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