Embracing Friendships Abroad

I’m spending the month of July studying abroad in Rome, Italy, and over the past two weeks, I’ve already met some of the most amazing people on my program. I had decided to come alone for this study abroad experience. I didn’t know anyone upon arriving here, and, at first, I was pretty nervous. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find people I could befriend, nervous that I would spend the entire month of July alone in a brand-new country. 

When I first landed at Rome’s Fiumicino International Airport, I was itching to meet the other people on my program. As soon as I reached the meeting point, I was immediately greeted with friendly faces. I was exhausted after hours of travel, but being greeted with kindness and a smile made me feel welcomed. I struck up conversations with the people who were in the same program as me, and I had already sensed that I would have no problem making new friends. 

Exploring Trastevere with new friends during the first week

I’ve discovered a lot about my personality when it comes to making friends. I have always been slightly more reserved when it came to meeting new people, but ever since I arrived in Rome, I’ve found myself more extroverted. On top of making new friends, I also discovered more about myself. I’ve found that I’m more outgoing, adventurous, and overall more open-minded when it comes to trying new things, whether it be exploring new areas or meeting new people. 

If you’re naturally shy, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with any person you meet. More often than not, they might feel the same way as you! Getting to know the people that I now call my friends was one of the best things that has happened to me during my study abroad so far. Spending time with my friends in Rome has been an experience that I will never forget. 

Spending time with new friends in Tuscany

Studying abroad is more than simply gaining knowledge in a different country; it is also a transforming experience that allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture and create long-lasting friendships. Don’t be afraid to try new things, meet new people, and discover more about yourself!

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