ISA Scholarship Winners – Fall 2023

We are excited to announce our ISA scholarship winners for Fall 2023! Congratulations to Alena, Emmanuel, Bre, and Monique.

From enjoying the delectable, local cuisine in Paris, France to exploring wonders of Rome, Italy, our scholarship winners share what they’re looking forward to most while abroad. We asked them a few questions to learn more about their stories too! 


Emmanuel F.

Home University: Soka University of America

Headed to: Paris, France

What inspired you to pick your study abroad destination? Through studying French in college, I got to learn about the history, language and culture of France but I felt like I had to get a first-hand experience. Studying abroad in the country’s capital Paris would allow me to really immerse myself and learn a lot more about the people. 

What does this scholarship mean to you? One word: opportunity. This scholarship would give me the opportunity to have a meaningful experience of Paris without the constraints of money.

What are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to meeting new people, making connections and building my network. Also looking forward to trying out French cuisine.

Bre K.

Home University: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Headed to: Athens, Greece

What inspired you to pick your study abroad destination? There is a common misconception that psychology originates from Germany by a guy named Wilhelm Wundt in 1874. However, that is only partially true because important topics discussed in psychology can be traced back to ancient Athens, Greece from famous philosophers such as Aristotle. What better place to study psychology than where it all started? Also, when picking my destination I knew I wanted somewhere warm and had a rich history so as soon as I saw Athens, Greece listed I knew that this was exactly where I needed to go.

What does this scholarship mean to you?To me this scholarship grants me the ability to just breathe. I have been working 2 jobs just so I can afford to eat while abroad and I haven’t been able to comprehend that I was really even going yet fully. I can finally start packing and getting prepared to go without worrying as much about the money aspect of it all.

What are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, seeing the world outside of my lil corner, and just fully living life as I always imagined. 

Monique J.

Home University: Lawrence University

Headed to: Rome, Italy

What inspired you to pick your study abroad destination? In my decision to study abroad, I always knew I wanted to be in Italy. This beautiful nation has a vastly different governmental system, societal customs and beliefs, and its geography alone encompasses landmarks and is home to many valuable art forms, not found in the the parts of the world I have been exposed to already. From my love of traveling, I have become keenly aware that while some aspects of human nature and humanity remain similar across groups of people, such as pride in one’s culture/identity, or one’s country (patriotism), as is the desire to connect through shared values and traditions, others are not as common. What is unique about the experience of traveling and immersing oneself in creative and inspiring adventures is how it is symbolized/embodied amongst these regions and people. Through touring the city, engulfing myself in my classes, and befriending locals, I hope to expand my geographical, sociological, governmental and historical knowledge of the beautiful city of Rome.

What does this scholarship mean to you?To me, this scholarship is more than financial support. This is, hopefully, the first of many opportunities that I as a first-generation college student have been afforded that has relinquished the burden of financial worries as I engage in one of the most trendy and beloved yet uniquely undervalued ventures of life, exploration. This opportunity had afforded me the ability to learn how to navigate the world I live in, discover new ways to enhance and delve into cultural appreciation, and the will to expose myself to experiences beyond my comfort zone in an effort to make peace with the unknown, all while relinquishing the burden of financial worries during this time. 

What are you most looking forward to? I am most looking forward to experiencing the wonders of this beautiful city in every way possible and fulfill my dream of traveling the globe to explore new communities and learn about others whose perspectives I have never been aware of. More specifically, I am looking forward for the amazing scenery, cuisine and art forms, both masked and unmasked. 

Alena B.

Home University: Colorado State University

Headed to: Valencia, Spain

What inspired you to pick your study abroad destination? As my roots are from Europe, in Ukraine, I picked Spain because it is a place I have really been wanting to explore and learn more about the culture.  I have also been trying to teach myself Spanish and know that being completely immersed in a country that all speaks this language will help me in my journey of this.  I am also an artist and I know there is a rich art history in Spain that I cannot wait to learn more about.

What does this scholarship mean to you?This is my first time receiving a scholarship so it literally means the world to me.  I am so honored to have been chosen to receive this as I put a lot of heart into teaching art and am passionate about making it more accessible for all.  With having this help from the scholarship it will help me be completely and totally prepared to be in Spain and not stress about costs so much.  I am so infinitely grateful for this scholarship and I am greatly looking forward to all my adventures ahead.

What are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to every aspect of this trip from teaching art at a British international school and seeing how the education system is there to just being in a new country for the first time and learning about their culture.  I am most looking forward to meeting and making new friends, making connections and being by the ocean and the birthplace of tapas sounds pretty epic as well!


ISA offers generous scholarships to help make study abroad a reality. No matter your program or term length, we have a variety of merit- or need-based scholarship opportunities for you!

There are also a number of university, local, and national scholarships you may be eligible for. Be sure to check with your Study Abroad and Financial Aid offices to see if they offer any scholarships or additional information.

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