A Tearful Goodbye to Spain

My hand dives into my bag searching for my Lumix camera under a pile of souvenirs at the Pittsburgh airport. I wonder how my pictures turned out. Did I take enough? Did I take too many and did they all turn out well?  

I’m sitting at my work desk in Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh connecting my SD card to my computer. Waiting for my pictures to load, I start to think back on the amazing memories I was able to capture. From exploring downtown Málaga to finally getting to see the infamous Big Ben, I realized how action-packed my month was. I was able to not take anything for granted and experienced cities I would have never dreamed of seeing with my own eyes.  


My pictures are ready to be seen on the big screen aka my MacBook Air. While scrolling through the one hundred or more pictures, I uncover some interesting finds. A picture of my walking feet most likely taken on accident walking to class one day. Another picture with a beautiful shot of downtown Zürich but with a pointing finger taking up half of the shot. Once I shuffled through the embarrassing selfies and blurry landscapes, I was able to find the five pictures that I think perfectly encapsulate my time abroad.  

Picture 1 showcases the fountain I walked past every day on my way to class. A symbol of the walks I would take while exploring the city and the Spanish architecture and beauty that I saw along the way.

Picture 2 includes a window view from my residencia, the apartment-style living I was staying in while abroad. A symbol of not only the breathtaking architecture I encountered outside my window but it reminds me of the friends and memories I made within those walls.  

Picture 3 details my first excursion out of the country to jolly old England. Although London was not originally included in my travel plans before I left for Spain, it became one of my favorite cities I encountered abroad. From the amazing fish and chips to the hellish Tube, it is a city I can’t wait to go back and visit.  

Photo 4 showcases the beautiful Swiss architecture that I found while strolling through downtown Zürich, Switzerland. Another excursion that was not included in my travel plans, Zürich turned out to have almost a calming effect from all the hustle and bustle of the Spanish cities and downtown London. With its beautiful rivers, kind people, and hilly neighborhoods, it almost reminded me of my home back in Pittsburgh.  

Photo 5 was also taken in Switzerland but features the Swiss Alps from the city of Interlaken. One of the most beautiful cities I found myself in while on my journey, I couldn’t help but look up at the skies and see dozens of parasailers falling from above. One by one, each would fall gracefully to the ground, a scene including a backdrop of the Swiss Alps; a picture I don’t believe you could get anywhere else.

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