Exploring the Outdoors While Abroad

In my last post I wrote about most of the museums I went to while I was abroad. Now I’d like to share some of my favorite outdoor spots I found during my travels. These are in no particular order. I hope that you all get a chance to visit some of these places on your travels if you’re going to Europe!

Kyoto Gardens (Holland Park, London)

This is a small Japanese-inspired garden in Holland Park, London. A great place to relax and listen to the sounds of the waterfall.

Pond at the Kyoto Gardens
The waterfall
Natalie about to cross the bridge!

Seven Sisters Cliffs (East Sussex, England)

These cliffs on the southern coast of England sit on a rocky beach. ISA took us here on our way to Brighton for one of our excursions. 

View of the cliffs from the beach
View from on top of the cliffs – there is a lighthouse in the distance

Calton Hill (Edinburgh, Scotland)

I loved being here in the autumn rain – it was so peaceful. A much more convenient and simple walk than nearby Arthur’s Seat (pictured in the first photo) which requires more hiking. Both give you a great view though! 

View of Arthur’s Seat from Calton Hill
The path that goes up to Calton Hill

Parque del Retiro (Madrid, Spain)

There is a section of this park that has peacocks and a few cats roaming around. I was able to get really close to the peacocks and get some great photos – I wish I could share them all!

A peacock
A cat and a few more peacocks
Wide view of the peacock area of the park

Howth (Dublin, Ireland)

My friends and I took a train to Howth from Dublin, which took about an hour. Near the castle in Howth, there is a trail that goes through the forest, past old walls, and into a huge meadow. 

My friends Makayle and Natalie sitting on a wall
Natalie walking into the forest

Orrest Head (Windermere, England)

This peak is a great spot to get a good view of Lake Windermere. Plus, on the way, you can get pretty close to sheep! (They are behind a fence though). Go at sunset!

Some of the sheep I saw on the way up to Orrest Head
The top of the peak at Orrest Head
Sunset over Lake Windermere

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary (Rome, Italy)

This is a cat sanctuary inside of an Ancient Roman ruin. Many of them are free to roam around the plaza, but there is a room where you can go in and see some of the cats that need extra support from the volunteers. 

The plaza with Roman ruins
Cats roaming around the sanctuary

Fjellheisen Cable Car (Tromsø, Norway)

This cable car in Tromsø takes you to the top of a mountain, where you get a really nice view of the town and the surrounding area. It looks like these pictures were taken early in the morning, but it was actually around noon. The sun was only out for about two hours during the day when I was there so it was always pretty dark.

Signs pointing in different directions to different cities
View of Tromsø and the bridge from the top of the mountain
One of the many balancing rock towers at the peak


I am back home in America now, so this is sadly my last post. Please reach out if you have any questions about travel or photography or anything else! 

See you again someday, Europe :)

Helen Neppl is a student at Chapman University and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is studying with ISA in London, UK.

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