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Looking to study abroad in Europe, South America, or Africa, but can’t decide where to buy your next plane ticket? Well, get excited because we paired our recent alumni with one of our ISA team members to share their top 5 reasons to study abroad in some of our most popular destinations! Here’s what they had to say:


“It’s better because it’s French!”
Joshua Schauer, Paris Alum 2021

Watch this short to discover why Joshua can’t get enough of French cuisine!

Joshua’s Top Five Reasons:

#1 Walking Wonderland
Whether its the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, there are so many iconic spots to check out while exploring Paris!

#2 Joie de Vivre
Time to kick back and slow it down–the French way is all about enjoying life.

#3 The Food
Splurge on haute cuisine or grab a baguette and head to the park–you can’t go wrong!

#4 Art, Fashion, & Cinema 
France is famous for cutting edge fashion, impressionist paintings, and avant-garde cinema.

#5 A Touch of Everything 
From the Loire Valley to the Alps, France has it all.

Click here to watch the entire webinar with Joshua & Matt.


“In Spain, they don’t live to work, they work to live!”
Parker Blair, Valencia Alum 2021

Watch this short to learn how Parker celebrated the siesta culture of Spain!

Parker’s Top Five Reasons:

#1 La Gente 
The people in Spain are friendly, fun, and full of life.

#2 La Siesta
Spaniards know how to keep work-life balance with their famous afternoon siesta.

#3 Rich Culture
From tapas to flamenco–there is so much to experience!

#4 Sunshine
Spain’s Mediterranean coastline has an average of 300 days of sunshine each year.

#5 The Language
Join the 500+ million people that speak this Romance language, whether you’re ordering un café or asking for directions!

Click here to watch the entire webinar with Parker & Kat.


“I loved riding the train because it allowed me to see a lot places I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”
Emme Schumacher, Florence Alum 2021

Watch this short to see why Emme appreciated all the public transit in Italy!

Emme’s Top Five Reasons:

#1 Buon appetito
Spend your semester indulging in more gelato and pizza you could ever dream of!

#2 Le Belle Arti 
Florence has David, Milan has Prada, and Rome has the Colosseum. You won’t be disappointed.

#3 Getting Around is Easy
Explore the Boot from top to bottom and everywhere in between with the help of Italy’s easy-to-navigate public transit!

#4 Sense of Family 
Italy is a country full of traditions and everyone is welcome!

#5 Scenic Views
From the Dolomites to the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s views can’t be beat! Be sure to escape the cities to check out the unforgettable scenery Italy has to offer.

Click here to watch the entire webinar with Emme & Perla.


“The people made the experience for me, and they’re the reason why I came back a second time.”
Nadine El-Maalem, Meknes Alum 2021

Watch this short clip where Nadine expresses her love and appreciation for Moroccan locals!

Nadine’s Top Five Reasons

#1 The People
Find your home away from home with some of the nicest people on the planet.

#2 Break the Rules
Eat with your hands, stay up late, and have the time of your life!

#3 Nearby and Affordable
It’s only a 7 hour flight from NYC to Casablanca.

#4 Off the Beaten Path
Explore a non-Western culture and take in everything Morocco has to offer!

#5 Melting Pot of Languages
English, Arabic, or French? Morocco speaks them all!

Click here to watch the entire webinar with Nadine & Iman.

Whether you’re looking to connect over couscous with locals in Morocco or to enrich yourself in the siesta culture of Spain, you’re bound to have a good time while studying abroad! Be sure to check out all the stories our alumni shared in the short clips and webinars!

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