A Food Tour of Florence

I’m a big foodie. I’m the type to ironically say “Phone eats first!”, take a picture of my food, and post it on the Instagram account I have dedicated to food. One of the best parts about studying abroad so far has been trying as many restaurants as I can and finding my favorite spots, each one having something unique about it that I love. Some places are great for the food, while other places have a great atmosphere. Enjoy these pictures from some of my favorite go-to spots!

Ditta Artigianale

Coffee, food, and a great study spot! There are 3 of them around Florence, so this is usually where I am during the day, doing homework or reading.

Don Nino

Another great study spot, known for their gelato and traditional Italian desserts. They also have sandwiches and coffee.

Il Fiore del Caffe

One of my personal favorites because it’s on the same street as my apartment, I love going here for espresso or a panini on my way to class. It was also the first food I ate after arriving in Florence!

I’Margaritaio Cantina Messicana

This cantina has a very upbeat atmosphere and Tex Mex style food. My friends and I go for the spicy nachos!

La Cite

This café is a unique spot to study or catch up with friends, across the river from the city center.

MammaMia Firenze

My friends and I love to go here for their pasta and pizza! It has become a weekly tradition to do MammaMia Mondays.

Melaleuca Bakery + Bistrot

Melaleuca is a popular brunch spot right on the river. The day I went with friends it was quite busy, so we got it to go and had a picnic in a park down the street. This is one of my favorite memories in Italy so far!

Ristorante la Grotta Gruella

Another traditional Italian restaurant with amazing pasta!

Rooster Café

Rooster is another popular brunch spot, more towards the city center. They have American-style food, smoothies, fresh juices, and one of the best iced lattes.

Smalzi Firenze

Smalzi is a bistro right next to the Duomo with outdoor seating. They have a few combos like a panini, water and soda for only 6 euros. Great for an inexpensive lunch with a beautiful view!

Trattoria Za Za

They are known for their Florentine steak. My friend and I got the steak and truffle fries to share and still couldn’t finish it all, despite it being the best steak I’ve had. It’s absolutely a must-try!

Sarah Carter is a college student at Seattle Pacific University. She is an ISA Photo Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy.

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