Hidden Gems in Seville, Spain (And Some Not So Hidden)

Though I have been in Seville for less than a month, I have already discovered so many incredible spots around the city. Besides the obvious landmarks like La Giralda and Alcázar, there are various places around the city that are just as amazing but do not receive the same recognition. I walked around the city to capture some of these hidden gems and show you why you should study abroad in Seville, Spain. 

First and foremost, the ISA Seville office where you can take classes and you can hang out with friends.

Intricately crafted architecture and ceramics are everywhere!

If you get the chance to come to Seville, you will see this symbol everywhere. It stands for the city’s motto “No-madeja-do” or “No me ha dejado.” Depending on who you ask, its origin goes all the way back to the 1400s.

The city is full of nature & wildlife.

We might have Lime Scooters in the United States, but what about Vespas? (Though I would not recommend driving in another country.)

Don’t forget about the spontaneous flamenco shows. I recommend going to watch one at Plaza de España.

Golden hour in Seville is incomparable.

Have I convinced you to study in Seville, Spain yet?

Sara Bulla is a college student at North Carolina State University. She is an ISA Photo Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in Seville, Spain.

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