First 3 weeks in Granada!

A photo of me walking independently through the streets of Granada

This is now my third week abroad and I am adjusting pretty well. Granada is such a beautiful city in Spain. I was surprised to find out how accommodating Spain in general is for not only people that experience disabilities, but specifically people that experience blindness. Once I arrived in Granada, my program director introduced me to an organization called ONCE. This is an organization that caters to the needs of the blind. This organization has helped me tremendously. I have been provided with an orientation specialist that is teaching me how to independently walk from my home here in Spain to my school which is about a 25 minute walk. They have also connected me with other students that experience blindness and have made my time so far more comfortable than I could ever imagine. ISA has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have an accommodating learning experience as well as accommodating excursions. My program has provided me with resources that are used daily. Not only do I have the assistance of the organization as well as my program director, but my host mom and the other students in my group have been very helpful to me. The start off to my time in Spain has been beautiful. Spain has proven to be such an accommodating and diverse country for me so far. My school, Central Lenguas Moderna has also provided me with accommodations that I did not even think of asking for. All of this has made my experience so far extremely special. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me during my time abroad!

Demetria Ober is a college student at Texas Woman’s University. She is an ISA Identity & Inclusion Featured Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in Granada, Spain.

Author: demetriaober

I am a student at Texas Woman’s University studying social work and medical Spanish interpretation. I am currently studying abroad in Granada Spain and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences. I also experience the disability of blindness and would love to share my journey! Diversity is beautiful!

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