How the Streets of Valparaíso, Chile Illuminate its Essence

Variations in the Art

As art is in each direction you glance in the neighborhood hills of Valparaíso, the artists are exploring different mediums street art can take. Mosaic masterpieces such as this one are common to find. The stairs read “La ilusion de la vida es un momento” in English translates to “The illusion of life is a moment.” These provoking words make your walks through the streets that much more meaningful while your mind races to find meaning for them, either personal or general.

Climbing across this hostel are mosaic snakes. I enjoyed the utilization of the innate grass colored paint job that the building already held.

That car is in fact out of commission, and became somewhat of a statement piece for this street. The old car is covered in political opinions, and stands there as somewhat of a proof that the people can withstand close to anything.

This work of art has taken the medium of someone’s home. This intricate house seems to be based around one tree, but uses multiple different materials to complete the side paneling, doors, and walls. I am amazed, and inspired by this home. I hope to someday meet the owner and ask them the process that led them to this, for me, dream home.

This mosh podged wall of deceased people shocked and intrigued me. All people who were killed in recent violent crimes following the political unrest this past fall in Chile. Many of the victims were not even directly involved in the demonstrations, but indirectly effected.

This staircase exemplifies another use of art, making the stairs abstractly into a piano. There stands me and another ISA student, Noé Monárrez.

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