Why Nature is More Vibrant in Ireland

Nature is vibrant all over Ireland, whether you are in town, in Dublin, on the coast, or in the farmlands. However, the legendary Cliffs of Moher encapsulate Ireland‘s most vibrant elements of nature better than anywhere I have been yet. Welcome to the Cliffs of Moher!

The rock textures on the Cliffs of Moher are stunning. To each their own.
A rock off the coast stands alone, being shaped by the waves.
O’Brien’s tower, built in 1835, sits on the ledge of one of the highest cliffs — he has had the best view for quite some time.
The cliffs are simply breathtaking. Between the wind, the sound of the waves, and the sheer beauty of the cliffs, leaving this spot was difficult — it took us two hours.

The windy conditions shape the tall grass, creating for an odd but beautiful landscape.
The classic view of the cliffs, with a touch sun for a limited time.
Although the limestone beaches show little signs of life, in some spaces between the stones you will find plants who have found home.

Close to the Cliffs of Moher you will find the coast lined with limestone. The history behind this formation is quite interesting. When Ireland shifted north closer to the equator, known as the Carboniferous period, a sea extended across Ireland. This allowed for the formation of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and mudstone. Over the next 50 million years, limestone began to form, creating for stunning rocky beaches.

And this is me being me, enjoying the view but being as quirky as always.

Sophia Evans is a student at Seattle University and was an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.

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