Spain: The World’s Top Budget Travel Destination

Never before have I seen such cultural diversity within a country like I have living in Spain and lucky for us, the entirety of Spain is accessible, even with only a few days to spare. When choosing a travel location, often you find yourself between the mountains and the coast. In Spain, this is not required. From the beaches of Málaga and Valencia to the Pyrenees mountains in the north or in the southern region of Andalusia, Spain offers both only a few hours apart. Love the city? Madrid and Barcelona are bustling cities that never sleep with discotecas and shopping centers in every direction. 

As a food junkie, I plan my trips around what I will be consuming on a daily basis. I undoubtedly require more food than the average person given that I am a 22-year old guy with culinary aspirations. In other words, food controls my life. Fortunately, Spain satisfies with a traditional five meals a day: desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (coffee and pastry), comida (lunch), cena (dinner), and who doesn’t need a late night tapa to end the day? 

Glass house in parque de retiro madrid spain
Mosque of Cordoba

What I believe to be the best “bang for your buck” in Spain are the tapas. For less than €2, you can get yourself a beverage and a tapa of your choice — from tortilla de patata to croquetas or Jamón Ibérico reigning from the western region of the country. Cities like San Sebastian, where there are more Michelin star restaurants per capita than any city in the world, and Santiago, famous for their seafood and Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus), are destinations for anyone with a love for food. 

Streets of Santiago

According to NUMBEO, Spain’s overall Restaurant Price Index is around (71.00) making it 30 percent cheaper to eat out in Spain than in New York. So whether you’re consumer shopping or searching for an apartment, the euro currency is going to get you significantly farther in Spain than anywhere else. 

It is important to always consider what you are going to pay after you arrive to your destination. Many are simply looking for that cheap flight when in reality, a majority of your spending will come post-arrival. So next time you find a cheap flight to London, consider booking tickets to your next dream destination: Spain

Jack Hatzfeldis a student at University of Kansas and an ISA Featured Blogger. He is currently studying with ISA in Valencia, Spain.

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