5 Places You Must Visit in Madrid

#1 El Parque Retiro

From a beautiful rose garden, an opportunity to paddle a boat for six euro, beautiful landscapes, and la Palacio Cristal el Parque Retiro is a massive park that can take up a whole day of exploration.

Rose Garden
Palacio Cristal
Columns of Retiro Statue
Retiro Statue


#2 Montaditos

If you’re looking for cheap and quick food, Montaditos is the place to go. Little sandwiches for under two euro and over 100 options to choose from. If you go on a Wednesday or Sunday, everything is just one euro

#3 Los Cuevas Sesamo

An adorable little underground Sangria bar. If you’re lucky the owner will feel like plopping down at the piano to play a few live songs.

#4 El Templo Debod

A 2,200 year old gift to Spain from the Egyptians for the Spanish assistance in building a large aqueduct. To go inside requires waiting in line but the views of the city are still wonderful.

Templo Debod
Views behind Templo Debod
Bird at Templo Debod

#5 NAP (Neapolitan Authentic Pizza)

Delicious pizza made fresh after you order it. They use wood-fired ovens that cook your pizza up in just a few minutes! Also they have HUGE portion sizes, all for around 10 euro.

Annika Frazer is a student at University of Minnesota Duluth and was an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Madrid, Spain.

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