Experiencing the Culture of London: A Photographic Journey

I was messing with my camera settings and fell in love with what I captured.

Since my last article, a lot has happened. I’ve finally figured out how to travel on the tube! I also went on a boat ride on the River Thames with ISA students and saw the most amazing views of London.

The bridge during the golden hour was amazing.
The bridge at night equally breathtaking!
I couldn’t have asked for a much prettier sky!
This skyline and the sunset behind it making such gorgeous colors took my breath away!

Before the boat ride, my friends and I went to Soho to explore. There are so many shops that I wish I could have gone to! We went into camera shops, record stores, and even a costume store to get an idea for Halloween. Soho reminds me of New York City but with all the flowers and the beautiful shops, I think London beats New York there.

It reminds me of home because my family owns a flower shop.
The statues are always stunning!
I love capturing the life of a city and the weather was amazing that day!
Cory caught me in the act!

A few weeks later I convinced my friend to go to this small festival called the Pearly Kings and Queens. I only knew it was people all dressed up in pearly outfits and that this event has been going on since the 19th century. I had no idea what to expect but what I saw was quite cool. I saw Morris dancing, maypole dancing, marching bands, and a game that they use to playback in the day. There were new generations and older generations all dressed up representing their family. A couple who attended the festival were dressed like they were from the 19th century which was really neat to see.

What a cute couple! #couplegoals
The dance they performed was quite interesting!
I wish I knew how to do the dance it looked like a lot of fun.
She was dancing like a fairy and it made it feel like I was back in the 19th century!
The lady from Greenwich is just popping next to the red robes!

“To be or not to be that is the question,” wrote Shakespeare many years ago. I know where to be and that is the Globe Theatre and that is exactly where I went. I got to see The Merry Wives of Windsor which was a fun experience! I got to stand in the pit rather than sit which I felt like put me more into the experience. The play was so interactive and overall the best Shakespeare I’ve seen (that says a lot considering Hamlet is my favorite play!). I highly recommend seeing the play!

The door that was designed to drop down water or curtains.

Elizabeth Farawell is a student at Rowan University and is an ISA Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in London, England.





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