Weekend Explorations in Morocco: Sights Worth Seeing

The options are endless when it comes to beautiful destinations in Morocco. With over 400,000 km to explore, how is it possible to choose one city to visit? Luckily, ISA offers a variety of extended weekends to enrich yourself in new places around the country. Only halfway through the program, I have been able to see 11 cities and counting in Morocco!

Join me on a little photo exploration of the magical locations I was able to explore. 


This beautiful beach is appropriately named “Paradise Beach,” and can be found in Asilah, Morocco.
The winding pathways of the medina made me feel like I was in a mini Greece! All throughout Asilah, you will find deep blues and pure whites lined with vibrant flowers and artistic murals.
Ever seen camels at the beach? Although this isn’t their home turf, the camels were well behaved and properly cared for. Feel free to snap a photo with them, but be prepared to pay the handler a few dirhams.


Meet our amazing tour guide at the Volubilis Roman ruins! This man has been doing tours for over 10+ years and knew every detail about the extravagant archeological site. Getting to know locals is one of the fastest and easiest ways to integrate into your host city.
More ruins! Did you know that Volubilis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?


The medina of Fes dates back to the 9th century and has since been a cultural and spiritual center for Morocco. Try not to get lost!
One of the beautiful lamp shops in Fes.
One of the many highlights of the Fes medina is the leather tanneries. From up above, you can see the men at work in the dying vats. Beware: the strong smell of animal hides is enough to keep people away.


At last! The beloved blue city, Chefchaouen.
The famous photo spot in Chefchaouen. There was a line just to sit on the steps!
More rich blues.

Each city is home to a beautiful array of landscapes, people, languages, and traditions. These photos cannot do justice to the amazing sights of each unique town, and I encourage you to make the most of your experience within Morocco. Although, while in Morocco, traveling out of the country may broaden your horizon, the country itself has so much to offer.


Rayna Rosenthal is a student at University of Denver and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying with ISA in Meknes, Morocco.


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