3 Things You Need to Try in Rome


There are so many different types of activities to do in Rome; there are also so many things to eat! Popular Italian dishes are pizzas and pastas- specifically margherita pizza, carbonara pasta, and cacio e pepe pasta, which I encourage anyone who has is new to Rome to try.  I recently took a cooking class for one of my classes at the American University of Rome. I highly recommend taking a cooking class in Italy if you have the time! We learned why the most popular pastas of Rome are the carbonara and cacio e pepe: the Romans did not initially have tomatoes within their regular diet. It was brought over when the Spanish conquistadors explored Italy.

Cooking Class: We made pumpkin soup, pasta, and finished our meal off with homemade tiramisu

Another thing you must try in Rome is gelato! One of my favorites is from Giuffre’s. When you order gelato, you get the option of cup or cone. I prefer my gelato in a cup because it’s easier to eat, but if you get it in a cone you can choose to add either white chocolate or milk chocolate to the inside of your cone. After you pick the flavors, you also get the option of choosing what type of crema you would prefer. They have cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla. They often top it off with a cookie, similar to a Nilla Wafer!

Giuffre Ice Cream: Stracciatella gelato with vanilla crema on top

Lastly, I highly recommend going to Mercato Testaccio. Here they have an arrangement of different stalls that range from clothing stores to flower shops to delicious homemade pasta shops! The market is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. At one of the stalls that I went to,  I decided to order suppli- a fried rice ball that often contains tomato sauce and meat.

Supplizo: This homemade suppli was fried for me as soon as I ordered it! Once they run out, they close their shop. So come to the market quickly! 

Taysia Stein is a student at Arizona State University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently studying with ISA in Rome, Italy.

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