The Ins and Outs of Moroccan Medinas

It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful Medinas of Morocco. Between the winding alleys and the cobblestone paths twisting in every direction, you might find yourself looking around aimlessly, not quite sure how you got there. However, it’s in those moments that you’ll be reminded of the beauty within Morocco. Its colorful, textured walls with slithering plants cascading their way up to the terrace of old Medina homes. The vibrant souks boasting handmade crafts and pungent, exotic foods. Your ten-minute journey into the Medina can easily transform into an hour when you take the time to explore the hidden crevices that are waiting behind every corner. 

Explore my journey through Casablanca, Marrakech, and Meknes as I take in the hidden gems of the charming cities.

The warm generosity of Moroccans is immediately felt as you enter the Medina in Casablanca. The fascinating artwork that surrounds the city reminds you of how the arts can bridge cultures together.


I hope you like olives! Here in Morocco, you’ll find olives served with nearly every meal. In the souks, there are mountains of olives piled high in an array of different colors and flavors.


Welcome to Marrakech, also known as the pink city! The winding alleys of Marrakech can be quite confusing to navigate since the majority of the walls inherit the rich, pink color that coats the whole city.


More vibrant colors that line the souks of Marrakech.


The famous lantern shops can also be found within Marrakech. Known for their very “Instagrammable” appearance, these lanterns should also be admired for their handcrafted details.


In Meknes, you’ll find the Medina a little quieter. Locals will stroll through the Medina, knowing it’s twists and turns like the back of their hand. It’s quite impressive!


More locals walking through the Medina.


A view from above the Medina is also quite noteworthy! Try to explore and find some stairs to see the magnificent view of the old city. All the infrastructure is relatively the same height allowing you to see as far as the eye can stretch.


Lose yourself in the intricate Medinas that Morocco has to offer. As always, remember to be safe. However, there are smiling faces around every corner that will walk you out of the Medina. I recommend bringing your journal and taking in the moment. You never know what you might find!

Rayna Rosenthal is a student at University of Denver and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying with ISA in Meknes, Morocco.

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