The Great Outdoors of South Africa

When thinking of a city, one usually imagines crowded streets and tall skyscraper buildings. The image of ocean views and mountaintops doesn’t usually come to mind, but that’s Cape Town. A beautiful city nestled in-between nature’s natural beauties.

The View from my student apartment of the suburb of Mowbray. A perfect spot to get to know your new friends and watch nature’s art come alive.

I hiked Lion’s Head with a few friends. The view of Cape Town was absolutely amazing, and it gives you the opportunity to realize the beauty of the city from above.

From swimming in the ocean to hiking along the mountains sides, there more ways to enjoy the great outdoors within this city than you can count on your fingers. The ideal city for city goers who love a bit of nature on the side.

Boat trip around the cost. Not the biggest fan of boating but the view made it totally worth it.

ISA took us on a trip to Robben Island, which is where the prison for political activists during Apartheid, such as Nelson Mandela, were placed. It gave a full view of the mountains in Cape Town, showing that Cape Town’s beauty goes farther than just within the city walls.

Madison Vaughn is a student at Trinity College and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Cape Town, South Africa.

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