City Life in the Rainforest



I visited this coffee shop with my roommates and was amazed by the array of hanging plants in its urban setting. The coffee was great too!

Tightly packed houses line the cement streets as residents’ dogs eye me as I walk down the streets of San José. Downtown swarmed with people heading every which direction the feeling can overwhelms me, despite my urban upbringing. The image of a typical city. 

Walking the road along the coast in Puerto Viejo, trees tower over the paved street, making it appear as if the road leads to the heart of the jungle as it is absorbed by the rainforest. 

Despite this, plants appear to rule over concrete in Costa Rica. There is a prevalence of greenery almost everywhere that break through cement. The man-made city is no match for the tropical rainforest and instead of fighting they each accentuate the other. 

Even the man-made fences maintain a sense of nature as the poles are made of trees.
The stunning gate of what I later discovered is a zoo, has been reclaimed by nature slowly. How ironic.

Siobhan Mitchell  is a student at Denison University and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She studies abroad with ISA in San José, Costa Rica.

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