The Great Outdoors of Železná Studnička in Bratislava, Slovakia


I was able to travel to Bratislava, Slovakia over the weekend with two friends. I felt the trip was quite successful in terms of getting a full view of the entire city, while also being able to make the most of our hike.  Bratislava is a fairly small city with the population being around half a million people.  Bratislava maintains a low cost like that of its other central European neighbors, but also conveniently uses Euros as its main currency.

This is one of the main national parks in Bratislava. Even after hiking for the better half of six hours we were unable to trek through the entire area.  We started our hike early in the morning and we had a foggy atmosphere as we walked towards the directory of the entire park.

After aimlessly walking around the park for an hour or two the fog started to dissipate, and the sun was able to come out and light up the entire area.  Paved paths cut throughout the park allowing the hike to be more casual based on the preference of whoever is traveling.

This was my personal favorite part of the hike as my friends and I were able to find somewhere to go off path and start hiking for elevation.  When getting to the top of this hill we were about 400 meters in the air and were able to get a nice view of the surrounding area.  This is a massive park with a lot of tall trees, making it tough to get a clear view of the entire park itself.

When walking through there were three large lakes along our route with two being next to each other and the third being past where we were in the fourth pic. The one photographed in the picture above was the second lake of the three.  Although the city itself is small, if you enjoy hiking, Bratislava is a must to visit.

Yianni Garris is a student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is an ISA Featured Photo Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in in Prague, Czech Republic.

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