Guest Blog: 4 Simple Steps to Incorporate the Parisian Lifestyle Into Your Everyday Life


My time in Paris taught me many life lessons and I try to incorporate the Parisian lifestyle into my everyday life here in Ohio as much as possible. Although Paris influenced me in more ways than I can count, I chose the four most important steps that anyone can follow.

1.Absorb Culture

Studying abroad in Paris allowed me to have easy access to an abundance of culture. Museums on every corner, live music, street artist, fashion trends, and so much more. Paris reminded me of how important it was to be culturally aware of everything and everyone. To gain an understanding and knowledge purely for your own curiosity and insight, not just to get an ‘A’ on a test. Even though we all don’t have access to the same types of culture as Parisians do, we still can take the time to learn something new for our own benefit. Read a book or article, go to a museum, attend a concert, do anything that will increase your cultural awareness. Expanding your mind will only benefit you.

2. Minimalize Your Wardrobe

Parisians dress very minimally and you usually won’t see them shopping at H&M or Zara. Parisians invest and take care of their clothing, meaning they might not have a huge closet, but the items inside are everlasting. They would rather spend their money purchasing one expensive item that will never go out of style over purchasing massive amounts of fast fashion that won’t make it to next season. You will see most Parisians dressed in black pants or jeans, a white tee, black loafers or white sneakers, simple gold jewelry, and a trendy handbag. This way of life makes it extremely easy and less stressful to get dressed in the morning and will make you appear classic and elegant.

3. Walk Everywhere

Whether it’s walking to class, walking your dog, or walking to the grocery store,  it’s an easy way to gain a bit of exercise during the day. You have to do a fair share of walking while in Paris, and by the end of the month, I’m not lying when I say that walking increased my overall health. I wasn’t running out of breath so often, I could walk up multiple flights of stairs with ease, I felt lighter, and my calves looked amazing. I credit the amount of walking Parisians do daily towards why they look so good. Try to make it a goal to walk somewhere every day that you would usually drive to, and I promise it will all be worth it.

4. Stand Out – Be Independent

Never be afraid to be yourself. Parisians are the essence of ‘cool’ because they’re not ashamed of themselves. They carry their own with pride and aren’t afraid of self-expression, which is probably why we see so many fashion trends and icons originate from Paris. Try not to conform to the typical social standard and break barriers. Be the person that inspires others – there’s nothing more Parisian than that.

Sarah Byers is a student at The University of Toledo an ISA Global Ambassador, and an ISA Guest Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Paris, France.

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