Why I’m Studying Art in Italy

Jordan Morrison is a student at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy

When an artist begins to brainstorm ideas for a new art piece, they typically create a mind map or draw sketches. For me, choosing to study in Florence, Italy needed no brainstorming. I have always been drawn to coming back to this beautiful city after only visiting it for a few hours in high school. The art, the history, the people, and the culture all had an impact on me that I did not realize until I thought about studying abroad. Since I am a graphic design major and I love art history, I knew this city would be the perfect place for me.

I’m greeted by the Duomo everyday I walk to class,

When I first arrived back in Florence, I noticed all of the art and architecture on every corner of the city. The construction fence surrounding a church warded away graffiti, the traffic signs displayed street art, the gelato shop I walk past everyday from class exhibited edible art. There is even an art form to how the local Italians wake up early, grab their cappuccinos from the espresso bar (standing of course), and jet out to work with a “Ciao grazie.” It does not matter where you look in the city, there is art flooding through it. What better place for an artist to be inspired than a city that doubles as a real life canvas. My studies will not only flourish in this beautiful city but I will get more inspiration from the vespas lining the streets than the PowerPoint in my graphic design class back home.

An art piece you can take a photo of for your Instagram and eat!

Not only does this experience abroad give me life long memories and experiences, but the classes and projects I complete here will set me a part from another graphic designer. These classes encourage interacting with the city- whether it be designing fliers for the school’s art exhibition, touring the actual locations we learn about in art history, or visiting an art museum to receive inspiration for our ceramic art class. In addition to the transferable skills I’ve developed, I will always be able to say I studied art in Florence, Italy!

The view of the Ponte Vecchio changes depending on the time of day and weather but it always creates a beautiful sight

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