A Typical Morning Walk to Centro Lenguas Modernas (CLM)

Julian Nazar is a student at the Soka University of America and is an ISA Featured Blogger. He is studying abroad with ISA in Granada, Spain.

My journey to school commences the second the door of my residential building closes behind me. Immediately, a gripping icy wind brushes against my body which makes me shiver. At first, I can only hear my teeth chattering as I make my way towards the first major street on my path which is Camino Del Ronda. However, once I arrive at the street intersection, the sound of my teeth is quickly drowned out by the whizzing sound made by the several motorcycles that zoom past me. In Granada, it seems like everybody owns one of these speedy vehicles. After crossing this busy street, I promptly make a right turn on Calle Recogidas. This street is easily identifiable because there is a large escalator at its mouth. At this point, the aroma of ham from the Sierras (jamon serrano) suddenly hits me and nearly whisks me away. What ultimately keeps me grounded is the breathtaking beauty that lies ahead of me.

Alongside the street I am walking, there are quite literally several lines of trees that contain bright oranges. It is oh so tempting to grab one but unfortunately, these oranges are not edible. As I continue walking along, the next major intersection enters my line of sight. This is arguably my favorite part of the morning. Here stands two gigantic apartment buildings. A perfect complement to a light blue sky that is peppered with thin white clouds. It as if I am about to enter into a canvas painted by someone truly remarkable. Taken back by the sheer magnificence in front of me, I fail to take notice of the Burger King to my left. Funny enough, Burger King is a popular meet-up spot for young people. I rapidly head towards Calle Reyes Catolicos. This street, unlike the previous two, is littered with stores that have sharp signs promoting their sales (rebajas). It is, of course, that time of year. Yet, despite their best efforts, it is the statue on top of the government building of a naked man riding a horse which catches my eye. Some believe this statue serves as a symbol of Granada as being an open city to all.

Once I pass the government building, I then arrive at Plaza Isabel la Catolica, the most popular rendezvous spot in the entire city. Why you may ask? Well, standing to the right of the intersection of Calle Reyes Catolicos and Calle Plaza de Isabel ‘La Catolica’, is an imposing monument which depicts both Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella I of Castille. Specifically, this monument illustrates Christopher Columbus sharing with the queen his travel plans for the infamous first Columbian expedition. Ultimately, the queen gave him the green light and what followed is one of the most consequential events in human history. After letting that sink in, I slowly veer to the right and within seconds, the appearance of a white, worn-down building signals the end of my journey.

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