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Derek Tatum is a student at the University of Colorado – Boulder and is an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. He is studying abroad with ISA in Granada, Spain.

The majority of the photos presented here are a collection documenting time spent climbing and adventuring the local crag Los Cahorros of Granada, Spain.

Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader Clipping in Apocalipsis 7b

Granada, Spain features a vast collection of spellbound scenic limestone with vertical choreographed climbs that ascend towards high hanging canyon walls. From intense dynamic sequences on classic Spanish routes, to technical crimp climbs on black limestone, the sport-climbing scene here is one to be noted.

The canyon of Monachil contains several sport climbing walls in a multitude of different varieties. The crag sees light to medium traffic on weekday mornings and afternoons. Nearly one hundred sport routes are found here with healthy and well-maintained bolts. Most anchors feature a single steel carabiner for quick cleaning.


Monachil, Granada, Spain
Climbers: Jenny Fiedler (background) and Ivy Spiegal-Ostrom (foreground)
Monachil, Granada, Spain
The Spanish Sierra Nevada Foothills
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Ivy Spiegal-Ostrom scaling Spanish limestone
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader All Focus Apocalipsis 7b


Location: Monachil, Granada, Spain.

Crag: Los Cahorros.

Approach Time: ~20 minutes from main parking area.

Transport: Bus line 183 from Granada (~35 minutes) or by car (~25 minutes).

Equipment: Typical sport climbing equipment. Twelve draws will leave you safe on the majority of routes, but do your own research! A seventy-meter rope for single pitch climbs is recommended and an eighty-meter rope for multi-pitch accents.

Gear: If you’re in need of gear, Deportes De Montaña in Granada’s city center will have what you need from ropes to individual climbing hardware. Prices are reasonable and the owners are both helpful and knowledge. Guidebooks can also be found here. A more local and typically cheaper store by the name of Sherpa worth checking out, is located close by as well.

Gyms: Granada, Spain features a single main climbing gym by the name of “Rockandbloc” located about forty minutes north of the city via public transportation and walking. The gym is medium in size focusing primarily on bouldering with a few sport routes.

Climbers, as always: Pack it in, pack it out. 

Monachil, Granada, Spain.
On The Approach
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Ines Theuorx Waiting Out the Rain
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader Studying Apocalipsis 7b
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader Stretched Out Apocalipsis 7b


“A taste for the beautiful is most cultivated out of doors, where there is no house and no housekeeper.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Nerja, Spain.
Bouldering Along The Mediterranean Coast
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Into The Dark with Austrian Georg Winkler
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader Crux 1 Apocalipsis 7b
Monachil, Granada, Spain.
Uli Prader Entering Crux 2 Apocalipsis 7b

By Derek Tatum

Instagram: @derek_tatum

Website: derektwork.com

Special thanks to Ivy Spiegel-Ostrom, Jenny Fiedler, Georg Winkler, Uli Prader, and Ines Theuorx 


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