The ISA Cusco Study Center: Our Home Away From Home

Gabby Solomita is a student at University of Lynchburg and an ISA Featured Blogger, and Sophia Lemen is a student at Colorado State University and an ISA Featured Photo BloggerThey are currently studying abroad with ISA in Cusco, Peru.

Week one of our study abroad experience and we already feel at home! ISA is always there to answer any of the questions you may have and walk alongside of you while on this once in a lifetime journey. The new ISA Cusco Study Center creates a warm environment to do homework, interact with other students in the program, and advance your Spanish. There is always a member of the ISA team pushing you to learn something new and help with your Spanish.

This first picture shows a seating area immediately upon entering the ISA building. This seating area provides an alternate get away for fresh air, homework, and conversation (while also providing lots of sun for warmth-because it is winter here).

Continue walking inside and to your left is the wonderful ISA office filled with smiles, laughs, and endless help!

This first floor classroom holds mostly language courses (where our Spanish classes are held). The whiteboard provides a place to visually learn, as well as having the projector for additional information provided by the professor. Other classes offered mainly take place on the second floor.

Continue walking straight and you run into this hangout place. This is a great place to do homework, grab a unique snack from the vending machine, or just talk with your new friends. The couches, vibrant colors, and natural lighting create a great vibe for this place. Attached to this, is also a kitchen area which contains a microwave, fridge, bottled water, and everyone’s new best friend here (HOT TEA!!!!).

Birds eye view of the center of ISA.


The third floor houses the auditorium. This area provides another alternative place to study, hang out on bean bags, watch TV, and play games. We have already used the auditorium to advance our Spanish while playing games and interacting with Peruvian students.

Overall, we are loving our first week and look forward to upcoming activities and events that ISA has planned!


Your Discovery. Our People… The World Awaits.


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