5 Majors That Will Flourish in Athens

By Jesse Reitz, Program Advisor

One of the most difficult aspects of studying abroad is finding the right courses to take. While a big part of studying abroad is experiencing a new city and culture, equally important is ensuring the courses you take count towards your degree when you return home. For some majors it isn’t too difficult to find the courses you need in a culturally rich location (I’m looking at you Spanish and French majors). For others, though, it can seem nigh impossible (have you ever tried to find an upper-level music or computer science course abroad??). Oftentimes, these types of hard-to-find courses may only be available in English-speaking locations such as England or Australia.

But what if you want to get off the beaten path and live and study somewhere unique? If this is your question, Greece is your answer! Our program in Athens, Greece, offered with the American College of Greece (ACG), offers you the opportunity to take a huge range of courses in an unbelievably historical, cultural, and scenic location.

Here are five majors who may have trouble finding their courses elsewhere but will feel right at home in Athens*:

ISA student at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
Photo by ISA alum Jayde Hansen

1) Art Majors – Whether you’re an art historian, painter, or digital artist, the ACG has you covered! Just a few of the courses available are: Painting; Fundamentals of 2D-Drawing; Typography; Illustration; Art History (I and II); Art of Ancient Greece; and more!

2) Computer Science / Information Technology – It may be surprising, given the proliferation of computers and increasing demand for computer professionals, but these types of courses are fairly difficult to find in non-English-speaking program locations. This can’t be said of Athens though! The ACG offers courses such as: Introduction to Programming; Object Oriented Programming; Network Design; Business Driven IT; and more.

3) Music – Music majors rejoice! From jazz to musical theatre, the ACG has a little bit of something for everyone. Classes you can take include: Listening to Music; Piano Lab; Theory and Musicianship; Recording Studio Techniques; and much, much more.

4) English – Are you an English major that wants to explore the non-English world? If so, then great news! The ACG offers a wide variety of courses allowing you to study the English language while living in a location that is distinctly non-English. Take courses such as: English Literature: Chaucer to Swift; The Victorian World; Voices in Contemporary American Literature; Writing Women; and more!

5) Psychology – Whether you need psychology as a general education requirement or you are studying psychology as your major, you can find what you need at the ACG. Explore courses such as: Psychology as a Natural Science (also available as a Social Science); History of Psychology; Analysis of Behavioral Data; Developmental Psychology; and more.

ISA student at the Aegean Sea.
Photo by ISA alum Caroline Aurigemma

These are just a few of the majors who will thrive in Athens. There is a huge selection of courses available at the ACG so if you don’t see your major listed here, head on over to the ISA website to check out available programs in Athens, Greece.

*Course examples are based on Fall 2018 courses. ISA cannot guarantee availability of or placement into specific courses.

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