Live Your Best Life in Latin America 

By Maddie Townsend, ISA Program Manager

Study abroad is one of the best ways to broaden your perspective, increase self- awareness, and foster personal growth. So, if your goal while abroad is to live your best life, how do you find the best location to help you thrive?

Girl hiking in Peruvian countryside
The Peruvian countryside captured by ISA alumni, Dean Whitelaw, on an adventurous hike to Rainbow Mountain.

Latin America is known as a region off the beaten path, where you’ll find adventure and endless opportunities for tailoring your study abroad experience. So besides being a naturally beautiful area full of diverse peoples and cultures, what else does it have to offer? Here are a few things that we love:


Not only are some of ISA’s most affordable program options in Latin America, but the cost of living generally tends to be lower than on other continents. If you don’t want to spend a lot on flights or visa costs, look to study abroad in a country with frequent flight deals or one that doesn’t require a student visa.

Academic Variety

With specialized programs in business, engineering, health sciences, arts, and more, there are options to help you stay on track toward completing your major. All ISA locations also offer content courses in English, so don’t worry if your language skills are rusty! Spanish language learners and liberal arts students also have an abundance of choices.

Man making pottery
This photo of a Dominican man shaping clay was taken by ISA alumna Danya Firestone while on a field trip for her “Introduction to Dominican Folklore” class. After her program, Danya wrote, “I believe that studying abroad in a culture radically different than the one you grew up in is of immeasurable importance.”


If you’re studying Spanish or Portuguese and want to try it out while abroad, this is the region where you can really take your language skills to the next level. Whether it be by enrolling in courses with locals, practicing vocabulary with your host family over dinner, or volunteering in the local community, you will leave the program feeling immersed in the local culture and language.


Our Latin American sites each have a distinct personality and so much more to offer on top of what’s already included in the program. Many of our locations are hubs for travel to other areas or countries, and course schedules typically allow for free time to be spent exploring your host city, country, or continent. If you want an experience that is as unique and fun as you are, think Latin America.

The red rocks of Salta, Argentina
In your free time, you’ll find yourself exploring the wonders of Latin America, like the red rocks of Salta, Argentina. Photo taken by ISA Buenos Aires alumni, Henry Watson.

Personalize Your Experience

Since we know that so many different factors go into the decision that you make to study abroad, we want you to be empowered to make the best choice to fit your passions and enable you to live your best life abroad.

Over the next few weeks, we’re bringing you our top picks for the best of the region in Arts & Culture, Academics, and Sports & Recreation. Check in next Friday for the first installment of this series with our staff picks for our favorite locations to discover the local culture through arts, food, and entertainment.

Our goal is to share insider tips to inspire you to live your best life in Latin America!

Girl on bike in front of mural
Alumna Kelly Marble captures her friend stopping to appreciate the street art while on an ISA excursion in Cartagena, Colombia.

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