7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dad When He Visits You Abroad

By Kaitlyn Webster, Marketing Associate

Treat your dad to the trip of a lifetime when he comes to visit you during your study abroad adventure. Show him around town, introduce him to your new friends, and teach him about the local culture. No matter where in the world you’re studying abroad, there are plenty of fun things to do with your dad during his visit.

#1: Take Him on a Hike

Show off the natural beauty of your study abroad home by taking your dad for a walk in the great outdoors! It doesn’t have to be a trek up a mountain, but taking your dad for a scenic stroll is a fun — and free! — way to spend an afternoon. Snap some photos for mom and give dad the chance to stretch his legs after his long flight.

A student holding two cones of ice cream.

#2: Treat Him to Some Local Cuisine

When in Rome… eat like the Romans do! No doubt your dad will be excited to try the local cuisine you’ve been raving about since you arrived in your host city. Introduce him to the hidden gems you’ve discovered during your time abroad, and treat dad to a meal he can’t get anywhere else.

#3: Introduce Him to the Locals

In between your sightseeing and food tasting, introduce your dad around town to your new friends. If you live with a host family, see if you can arrange a meeting so your dad can get to know the generous people who have taken you in. You may have to translate, but it’s the perfect opportunity to show your old man your new language skills.

A football match.

#4: Take Him to a Sporting Event

Cross something off your study abroad bucket list and show dad a good time by taking him to a local sporting event. It’s a fun way for your dad to experience your country’s culture, not to mention the ideal activity for you to do if he’s jet lagged and doesn’t feel like taking a hike just yet.

#5: Give Him a Tour of Your School

While your dad will love meeting your host family and seeing the sights, he’ll also want to know you’re still focused on your schoolwork during your time abroad. Reassure him that your study abroad adventure also includes some studying by taking him on a tour of your host university.

The Louvre in Paris.

#6: Bring Him to a Museum

Educate your dad during his visit by taking him to a local museum. Most ISA study abroad cities will have plenty of museums for you to check out, like the Louvre in Paris or the British Museum in London. Exploring a local museum is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with dad and learn something new in the process.

#7: Buy Him a Souvenir

He deserves it! After all, he did travel all the way there to visit you and may even be the reason you were able to study abroad in the first place. Whether it’s a sports cap with the local football team’s logo or a miniature of your city’s most famous monument, it’s the thought that counts.

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