The Best Places to Eat Hummus in New Zealand

Kate Minzner is a student at the Chapman University. She is an ISA Featured Blogger and studied abroad with ISA in Wellington, New Zealand

Ok, I know this is a weird headline for an article, but hear me out.

Hummus is the perfect hiking or traveling snack. It’s super easy to throw in a pack along with a sleeve of crackers, but just fancy enough to make you feel classy during your hiking break. In many cases, the hummus break can be one of the highlights of the adventure.

Here are some places I’ve enjoyed taking hummus breaks the most at. The best part? Entry to all of these places is free.

South Island

1) Queenstown Waterfront

Summary: A delightful walk along the waterfront that includes gorgeous views and some fun rope swings.

Hummus to eat here: Extra garlic

2) Blue Pools Walk, Wanaka

Summary: This walk can take a half day or whole day, and will take you along gorgeous freshwater pools and a river through a cow pasture. The cows are friendly.

Hummus to eat here: Pine nut & herb

3) Fiordland National Park

Summary: Towering cliffs of inky black stone and crashing waterfalls are impressive even on a rainy day. Just make sure you don’t get your hummus wet. 

Hummus to eat here: Classic

4) Cardrona Valley Road

Summary: This scenic route from Arrowtown has the most gorgeous views. Be sure to visit around sunset for the best pictures, and be prepared for a little wind.

Hummus to eat here: Roasted red pepper

5) Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Summary: A quaint garden in the center of the city, and walking distance of several museums. As of 2018, construction was still happening in many parts of the city, so be prepared for a few minor detours.

Hummus to eat here: Avocado

6) Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway

Summary: Another great sunset walk around gorgeous cliff sides and pastures, and will get you excellent views of the seals that fill the shoreline. The peninsula gets very dark after sunset, so be sure to budget your time wisely!

Hummus to eat here: Cilantro jalepeño

7) Arrowtown

Summary: This adorable town is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon. Be sure not to eat too much hummus, or you won’t have room for the delicious fudge sold here!

Hummus to eat here: Black bean & lemon

North Island

1) Harbourside Market, Wellington

Summary: The farmers’ market near the Te Papa museum happens every Sunday morning, and some stands even sell their own handmade hummus!

Hummus to eat here: Get something from one of the stands, like the pumpkin hummus.

2) Kāpiti Marine Reserve

Summary: This beach is a bus ride from Wellington, so it’s a good day trip for anyone studying at Victoria University Wellington. Enjoy a nice beach day!

Hummus to eat here: Garlic & rosemary

3) Hot Water Beach

Summary: Located near Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach has soothing thermal pools underneath the sand due to the volcanic activity of the area. Reaching these pools can take a lot of digging, so come prepared with a shovel and some snacks!

Hummus to eat here: Baba ganoush (not technically hummus, but I’ll let it slide)

4) Redwoods Forest Rotorua

Summary: A redwood forest to rival those in California! Wandering the paths can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an entire day.

Hummus to eat here: Sundried tomato

5) Cathedral Cove

Summary: It’s worth waking up before sunrise to go on this walk. The trek from the parking lot to the head of the trail is an additional 30 minutes, but you’ll see excellent views the whole way.

Hummus to eat here: Roasted carrot

6) Whangarei Quarry Gardens

Summary: The quarry gardens are Whangarei’s claim to fame, and it’s easy to see why. Be sure to take a gold coin with you for a donation to help keep the gardens running!

Hummus to eat here: Sesame & oil

7) Tāne Mahuta, Waipoua Forest

Summary: This ancient kauri tree is the 4th tallest tree in the world; you’ll need a panoramic shot to get the whole tree in your photo.

Hummus to eat here: Caramelized onion


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