A Photographic Journey Through Barcelona: Gaudí Edition

Patrick Quimby is a student at Texas A & M University. He is an ISA Photo Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in Barcelona, Spain. 

When I was planning my trip to Barcelona, I was dreaming of going to the beach, eating some delicious tapas, and rooting for my favorite football team, F.C. Barcelona. While I have achieved all of these things during my time here, I also discovered a different side of Barcelona through its architecture. Barcelona’s architecture is well known around the world due to the influence of one man’s vision. He essentially changed the way many had thought about architecture and how it is more than just a building, but a mural of endless possibilities.

His name? Antoni Gaudí.

You might’ve heard of him, might have not. But, you most definitely heard of the Sagrada Familia. The man is a genius and to prove it, here’s an inside look at not only the Sagrada Familia, but other architectural masterpieces Gaudí created.

La Sagrada Familia

While construction began in 1882, Gaudí’s project is still not complete! It is estimated that the church will finish construction by the year 2026. This church is considered a marvel of the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

This is the façade of the Sagrada Familia!
The ceiling is incredibly detailed and is mesmerizing to look at.
There are plenty of stained glass windows that are quite colorful!
This is a picture of a statue of Jesus hanging from the ceiling.
Many people are in awe of the Sagrada Familia!
There are large iron doors the lead to the back of the Sagrada Familia. They are black and white with the Jesus’ name colored in gold.


Casa Batllo

I found out about Casa Batlló once I arrived here in Barcelona. It’s a funky house that was redesigned by Gaudí in 1904 with tons of character to go around. Be sure to visit the rooftop for some stunning views of the L’Eixample district.

This is the façade of Casa Batlló!
More stained glass and whimsical arches to enjoy!
As you climb up the stairs, you will see a blue tiled hallway with a skylight at the top!
This is another hallway that takes you closer to the rooftop!
The orange roof the “dragon” that lives on the top of the roof.

Park Güell

Park Güell is where you can find many more whimsical and interesting architecture by the one and only Antoni Gaudí! There are incredible views of not only the park, but the Gracia neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea.

The salamander or “el drac” is a famous figure here in Park Güell.
Underneath the terrace are interesting art designs that were made with broken tiles, plates, and cups!
The terrace walls feel incredibly ancient as you walk through them but was only made in the 19th century!

The world awaits…discover it.

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