Beyond the Lectures – Explore Communications at La Trobe University in Melbourne

La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia is a wonderful study abroad locale for students studying Communications & Media, and not just because of their wide range of subjects. In addition to the vast array of subjects on offer at La Trobe University, the Department of Media and Communications offers additional opportunities to engage in a variety of enriching experiences.

Upstart Magazine – The Magazine for Emerging Journalists

Students at La Trobe University have the opportunity to submit written or multimedia content for publication through the University’s UpStart Magazine. Content covers everything from Culture & Lifestyle, Politics & Society, Sport & Media, Radio Programs, and Video. The university-run outlet allows students the unique opportunity to be featured in a long-standing publication and gain professional experience within their respective field. Students are able to submit original works through to the UpStart Student Staff for review, and selected submissions will be featured. A semester abroad, and the opportunity to jump start your publication experience – what could be better?

Melbourne WebFest – Australia’s International Web Series Festival

Founded in part by La Trobe Media Professor and Communication Department Head, Steinar Ellingsen in 2013, Melbourne WebFest has become the largest celebration of web series in the southern hemisphere. The festival strives to provide networking and professional development opportunities for web-based media producers of all backgrounds to share their projects with the general public. Since its inception, La Trobe University has been a constant supporter and partner of the media festival offering access and opportunities to university faculty, facilities and students from the department of Communications and Media.  Submissions span from late Fall to Early Spring, and official screenings for the festival begin during the summer (Australian winter). Whether you’re interested in making a submission, or just keen to check out the festivities and screenings of an international film festival, Melbourne is the place to be for aspiring media producers and spectators alike.

JMAC Society – Journalism, Media, & Arts Society

Interested in meeting local and international students alike all interested in communications and Media? Membership to this university society is available to all students at La Trobe. Their mission is to bring like-minded students together in order to foster friendships, and provide networking opportunities within Journalism, Media, and Communications. The JMAC society hosts a wide range of activities throughout the semester that range from paneled discussions by students and local professionals, to social events, and even host an annual Arts Ball as a main social event for the La Trobe Campus. Joining a university society is a great way to meet local students, and build lasting memories throughout your semester abroad.

Whether you are looking to engage with the international community of professionals in your field of study, seeking opportunities to build your personal media portfolio, or just interested in building relationships with students with similar interests, you can make the most of your study abroad experience at La Trobe University.

Learn more about semester programs at La Trobe University  or feel free to contact the ISA Melbourne Site Specialist.

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