Travel While Abroad (But Not Too Much)

Erin Hopkins is a student at South Nazarene University and was an ISA Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy.

Studying in Florence, Italy with ISA has given me the extraordinary opportunity to travel all over Europe, as well as explore the country I am studying in. For me, traveling was a priority while studying abroad because once you are in Europe, so many other countries are easily accessible. It is easy and relatively cheap to take weekend trips to other countries if you know how to look for flights and are flexible on the places you want to visit. Traveling this semester has changed my view on what I am capable of travel-wise and has made places I have only seen pictures of real to me.


Amsterdam is famous for its extensive canal system that runs through the whole city because it is below sea level.


Athens, Greece is full of stunning ancient ruins. The Temple of Hephaestus is one of the best preserved ruins in the city.


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is known for its waterfalls. Lauterbrunnen is located in a valley near Interlaken and is surrounded on all sides by waterfalls cascading off the Alps.


Manchester’s famous Christmas markets start in early November and include products from Germany, The Netherlands, and more.


While traveling this semester has been incredible, it is easy to get caught up in the traveling and forget to spend time getting to know your host city or even just to give yourself time to rest. Traveling every weekend can be exhausting and mixed with culture shock can start to drain you physically and mentally. So, if you are studying abroad, take this chance to travel and see amazing things and places, but also take the time to take care of yourself and get involved in the place you are studying.


Burano is a Venetian island on the east coast of Italy and is famous for its brightly colored buildings.


The breath-taking Swiss Alps in the fall.


Fiesole, Italy is a short trip up the hills surrounding Florence and gives a panoramic view of all of Florence.


Versailles was the home of the French nobility until the French Revolution. The famous palace and gardens are preserved today as a museum.


A view of the streets of Milan, Italy from Milan Central Station.


The world awaits… it!

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