Italy Has It ALL!

By Ben Chinisci, ISA Italy Site Specialist

Why Italy?

So you’re thinking about maybe studying in Italy because you’ve heard it’s amazing, right?  Well, that’s absolutely true, except why?!  It’s because Italy has everything you could want in a study abroad experience!  Here are 3 big reasons why you should study abroad in Italy: 

  • It’s so easy to travel around the country and around Europe! 
    • Italy is connected by constantly-running trains, so you can easily and cheaply travel across the country.  You can also fly or take a train to neighboring European countries just as easily!   
  • The historical significance and distinguished culture is unreal. 
    • Obviously Italy’s cultural impact on the rest of the world is very strong, but to actually taste a pizza in the city where pizza was born or to see the actual sculpture of David is a special experience that’s guaranteed to change the way you appreciate Italian culture. 

Each city has something different to offer:


Florence is hands down the most popular study abroad destination in Italy, so you’ll be able to go on adventures with a ton of your friends!  Florence is also the literal birthplace of the Renaissance, so you’ll see infamous paintings, architecture, and sculptures everywhere.  The city is even small and walk-able, so you’ll really feel like this is your town.  You want rustic?  Want to experience Tuscan towns and drink famous wines?  Then Florence is the city for you! 


Rome is the epicenter of pretty much all historical Europe.  The most iconic images in Italy are found here, you’ll have sites like the Coliseum and the Pantheon just a short metro ride away!  The university area is removed enough from the tourist traps so you’ll feel like you’re in a local neighborhood and live like the Romans do.  Rome has lots of different neighborhoods that all have their own aesthetic, and they’re all worth exploring.  Rome has everything you could want in a big city while maintaining a classical European feel.  Also, there are NO FRIDAY CLASSES, so you can plan tons of long-weekend excursions! 


Milan is the most cosmopolitan city of all the study abroad destinations.  Milan is the working people’s city’, it’s considered the economic hub of the entire country!  This means you’ll see fewer mobs of tourists, and more of the everyday Italian’s way of life.  Here you can see amazingly modern buildings and even futuristic skyscrapers with trees built in to each floor, and yet a neighborhood around the corner contains preserved columns left over from an ancient era.  The university has a centralized campus, so you can still have the feel of an American university, while simultaneously studying among other European exchange students.  If you want to branch out and really live like an Italian, Milan is the city for you! 

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Want to know more?  Check out this webinar we hosted recently, which gives more detail about Italy and what studying abroad in one of these great cities can offer! 

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