Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Valparaíso & Viña del Mar, Chile

By Ryan Smith, Veritas Program Manager

Called Latin America’s San Francisco by many, the colorful and vibrant seaside metropolitan cities of Valparaíso & Viña del Mar will become your home away from home in no time. Every walk to class is a sight-seeing adventure as you strut past the beautiful, well-graffiti-ed walls lining the streets along the many hillsides. Even the cuisine bursts with color from the local staple, El Completo, to the decadent and copious number of seafood dishes. You will be at a loss for words as you learn, grow and serve within the uniquely charming Ciudad de Cerros.

Each of the hills upon which the city is built is a community in itself. Veritas programs in Valparaíso & Viña del Mar offer unique opportunities to serve a community and demonstrate God’s love. The beauty of studying abroad in Chile coupled with the opportunities to serve together with local believers makes this a great place to live your mission. Students have gotten involved in various places of worship during their time, cultivating life-long friendships with other local believers.

In the past, students have worked alongside church families aiding specifically the blind and deaf congregation, working and playing with a local orphanage’s wonderful little tenants, or at make-shift soccer camps in the community. Students can actually receive academic credit through their time in mission by completing the Veritas Mission Practicum!

Students traveling with Veritas will be connected with a local Mission Mentor, Pamela Duran. Students will receive spiritual life guidance and great local insight into the needs of the surrounding community.

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