Mahidol University: Why You Should Study Abroad in Bangkok

Originally posted on 10/15/15. Updated on 2/21/18.

When you think of Thailand you probably think of beaches, pad thai, and busy streets; but these are just a few aspects of this incredible country. Through ISA, students have the opportunity to study at Mahidol University International College (MUIC) in Thailand. Established in 1986, Mahidol University International College was Thailand’s first international bachelor degree program at a public university. Mahidol University has been ranked Thailand’s top university and was ranked in the top 60 of Asian universities in 2018 by QS Asian University Rankings. ISA students get the incredible opportunity to study at this prestigious university.

Students attend classes at MUIC in Salaya with its bustling life. The ISA office and student housing are nearby the university within walking distance to it. The campus is very open with a lot of green space in a quiet environment for studying. Students also have full access to the campus library, study lounges, computer labs, and athletic facilities. There is also a variety of student clubs to participate in such as Volunteer Club, Writer’s Club, and Science Society- just to name a few!

Mahidol_University campus

Why Should You Study Business in Thailand?

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is headquarters to all of the country’s major banks and most significant businesses. Many multinational companies have offices based in Bangkok, and seventeen Thai companies have been listed in the Forbes 2000, such as Siam Commercial Bank, Airports of Thai   land, and PTT Global Chemical. At Mahidol, students can take classes in International Business, Finance, Marketing and Business Economics departments.


Why Should You Study International Hospitality Management in Thailand?

One of the most visited cities in 2017, according to the Global Destination Cities Index published by MasterCard.  Students can take classes such as Event Management, Tourism Planning and Development and even foreign language classes tailored for hospitality and tourism industry such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Chinese!


Why should you study STEM in Thailand?

Students, who study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in the U.S., usually have a limited choice of universities where they can study abroad and transfer credits back to their school. Mahidol University, however, is one of the schools where students can  take courses for their degrees. MUIC offers a variety of courses in science, including biology, chemistry and physics, and computer engineering. For a full course list, please visit ISA website.

There are so many more reas ons to study abroad in Thailand! As one of the ISA students said, “do it! Just go for it! It will be some of the best times of your life. And you will grow tremendously from it!”

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