A Daily Walk in Sevilla

Susannah Gonka is a student at the University of North Carolina- Wilmington and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain

After days of traveling cities in Spain, I have come back to the same thought:  Sevilla is a beautiful city, with a life of it’s own. From practicing siestas, wandering the narrow streets of the inner city or the many parks, Sevilla is a truly unique city. Discover the amazing architecture, from the Plaza de España to the Metropol Parasol. This wonderful city mixes the past and present, making it the perfect time capsule. No matter which part of the city one finds themselves, they’ll be romanticized by the slow paced days, lively nights and everything in between.

The Triana Bridge is what connects two of the districts of Sevilla to the Center and heart of Sevilla. It provides for a beautiful down-river view of historic Sevilla. In this photo you can see my perspective of the river walk of Triana.

Triana Bridge

The Plaza de Español is of of the most intricate and historic buildings in the Andalusia area, This building has been used in many American films, such as Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The Plaza also showcases the symbols and artwork of all of the provinces of Spain. It is very common for people to pose in front of the area they come from.

the Tower of Plaza de España

Walking through the River Walk during the sunset is one of the best experiences you can do daily. Not only do you get to experience the Mediterranean view and natural grandeur of the river, it is also the time of day where the city is starting to become alive and ready to enjoy life itself.

Sunset River Walk

Connecting the past and present is what the modern art of the Metropol Parasol does. Located in the downtown district of Sevilla, it highlights the Spanish nightlife and is considered one of the modern architectural wonders of Spain. It also is known as the Mushroom.

the Mushroom

Ice cream is pretty much always amazing, but nothing compares to Gelato in Europe. If you are ever in the area, grab some Gelato then go visit the Metropol Parasol and enjoy it on the terrace. One can’t go wrong when it comes to desserts, but Gelato is a must!

Nightlife and Gelato


The world awaits…..discover it!




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