3 Foods You Must Try in London, England

Danqi Lin is a student at the University of Rochester and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in London, England.

There’s no place like London! Of course, I am not saying this with Sweeney Todd sentiment. My point is, London is a unique multi-cultural city quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Here, one has so many possibilities and can experience anything as long as they prepare an open mind for it. When it comes to eating, London offers the right food for everyone! Whether you are a picky eater, or you are on a budget, or maybe you are seeking exotic flavors, you will be satisfied and amazed by the quality of the food you will have in this city. As an international student from China, I can’t say that I represent the general taste of U.S. students, but here are my favourite three types of food in London, and I recommended that you try them all out.

Let’s get down to business!

#3- Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips is probably the most well known street food in London. This dish is composed of crispy fried fish served with pepper, lemon, tartar sauce, and hot french fries. There are so many restaurants in London that serve this dish, with prices ranging from less than £5 up to £20, depending on the level of fanciness you prefer. Most of fish and chips restaurants offer delivery, so remember to ask for their phone number or pamphlet!

A takeout haddock & chip from Star Pizza. The restaurant is near Ladbroke station- an 8 minute walk from my ISA residence.

#2- Spicy Hotpots

Love spicy food? Stop by Chinatown! Located conveniently by Oxford Street, Chinatown offers the most original hot pots among all that I have surveyed during my years abroad. Imagine juicy veggies and warm spicy soup… hot pot is just perfect for London’s cold rainy winter. And trust me, you can give a good cry here, because everyone sort of does (because of the spiciness of course)!

One of my favorites, Joy Luck Restaurant offers Chongqing style hot pots with a large selection of meat/vegetarian sides. Located in Chinatown, near the theatre that plays Les Miserable.

#1- Teas and Desserts

Wet and cold and feeling down? All you need is a ‘warm cuppa’! British people love tea… well, who doesn’t? There are plenty of dessert shops in London that offer amazing baked goods and hot/iced tea-related beverages. Metropolitan life can easily get noisy and anxious, and I personally enjoy spending most my free afternoons at one of these shops, having some warm drinks, charging my phone, and doing some homework or having a relaxing chat with a friend. Prices are very student friendly, as long as you are not having fancy afternoon teas in one of the“royal” hotel parlours.

Champagne cupcake at Peggy Porschen, a dessert shop that has the “best cupcakes in the world” according to Vanity Fair. Dress pretty and bring your camera, because the fairy tale theme decoration is just as cute as the adorable desserts. Cakes are a bit too sweet for my taste, to be honest. The location is near Hyde Park Station.

The world awaits…..discover it!

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  1. Fish&Chips is the most popular fast-food in England and it is really tasty.
    I’ve never tasted hot pots. I’ll definitely do it on my next visit.

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