What I’m Doing in Florence to be Green

Katie Isler is a student at the University of Vermont and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy

Many people in today’s world are worried about climate change and the future of our beloved planet Earth.   These big scary words look over us as we put a plastic bottle in the trash, eat red meat with every meal, and drive our cars to and from work.  Before arriving in Florence I was aware of my actions to make the planet a greener place, but I knew that all my efforts were cut short due to the necessity of a cars.  Even just driving to the grocery store I was emitting CO2, damaging the planet we need to protect.

In Florence I am stepping up my green game, and so far it has been fairly easy.  The past four days I have spent in the beautiful city of Florence has been full of walking.  Navigating the cobble stone streets, I walk past the Duomo, over the Ponte Vecchio, and around dozens of museums. Not only has walking allowed me to be more environmentally friendly, but it gives me a better sense of the city.  I am not zooming past the people, stores and landmarks but instead I get a close look at what makes Florence, Florence.  My days so far in Florence have been intimate, I have gotten to know the city through exploration on my feet, not sitting in a car.  Through walking I am both making my stay in Italy greener, and getting a full and enriching experience outside an automobile.

The world awaits…..discover it!

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