Experience Enchanting Sevilla

Sevilla is a magical city in the south of Spain that has so much to offer for students looking to be immersed into the Spanish culture. With orange trees lining the streets, tapas on every corner, and the sound of flamenco music lingering through the air, students have the ability to truly experience what it’s like to be a local living in Sevilla.

Take a look at this video where the Sevilla Site Specialist, Kendra Ansotigue, talks about the different ISA programs available, exciting excursions, and city life!

Enchanting Sevilla

Interested in experiencing festivals of a lifetime? Check out these two extremely popular Sevillana festivals from a student’s point of view:

Feria de Abril by ISA Student Breck Scarnavack

Feria de Abril is Sevilla’s oldest, most traditional festival.  The week-long event began in 1847 and always takes place during the month of April.  Feria de Abril is the sign that spring has definitely come to Sevilla.  It is a mix of old and new.  The streets of Feria and the outfits of the Sevillanos made me feel like I went back in time, but on the other side of the fairgrounds were carnival rides and food booths.

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Semana Santa by ISA Student Maggie Reade

Although Semana Santa is observed throughout Spain, no celebrations compare to the processions that take over Sevilla for the week leading up to Easter Sunday. Thousands of people flock to Sevilla each year to see the incredibly decorated floats depicting scenes of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, beginning with Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem and ending with the Resurrection.

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Want more?!

On any given day in Sevilla, students can experience the incredible culture of the city by walking to monuments such as:

The Plaza de España, built in 1929 for the World Fair this incredible Plaza is full of beautiful design and rich history.  Did you know the 4 bridges represent the 4 different reigns over Spain throughout history?

Parque de María Luisa, right next to the Plaza de España, this park is very popular with our students.  They love to play frisbee, do homework, sun-bathe, and even picnic throughout the extensive grounds.

The Cathedral, the incredible gothic Cathedral in Sevilla is enormous, full of ornate decoration and the largest gothic cathedral in the world!  It is so stunning that even one of the altars shines with all gold decoration.  Connected to the Cathedral is…

La Giralda, the tower of the church.  Students love to climb their way to the top (via 52 levels of ramps) for the incredible view of the city.  The reason that there are ramps to the top instead of stairs is because people used to travel to the top on horseback.

Real Alcazar, the castle in Sevilla houses gorgeous gardens (where part of Game of Thrones was filmed)!  Students love to explore the inside of the castle, as well as wander through the gardens with the peacocks (especially during the Spring)!

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