The Ultimate Italy Bucket List: What to Experience with $2,000 in Your Pocket

Alesondra Cruz is a student at St. Edward’s University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with Veritas in Rome, Italy.

Want to know what you can do in Italy with only $2,000 in your pocket? Quite a lot, actually.

1. A swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea

The alluring blue waters and perfectly placed mountains put the Island of Capri top of my list.  If you make it to the island, be sure to ask your boat driver if you can swim a long the tour. A dive into the grotto is both exhilarating and breathtaking.

2. A Quaint visit to Assisi

This charming city dedicated to one of the patron saints of Italy, Saint Francis of Assisi,  is a perfect spot for a peaceful weekend get-away.  Explore around the myriad of cute buildings and take your time admiring the hill town views.

3. A View in Cinque Terre

If you love pesto as much as me, Cinque Terre is a must visit.  To work of all of the food you will be eating, take advantage of the hiking trails and be sure to stop and take in some amazing views!

4. A Jazz Concert in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is colorful and quirky. Not only is it a wonderful place to swim and soak up some sun, if you are lucky, you may stumble across a jazz concert like me. Always keep your eye open for spontaneous events around Italy; they can be a fun addition to any weekend trip!

5. A shopping spree in Florence

The Italian leather your friends are begging you to bring back can be found here. The shopping and food markets are lively and a fun activity to do with friends. Be sure to take time to enjoy this historical city, by going to see its iconic art and catching a sunset at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Italy is a diverse place full of exciting turns at each corner. Every region and even every city,  offers its own unique intrigue. With $2,000, you have the opportunity to see it all (or at least a part of it all).  And that experience, is priceless.

The world awaits…discover it.

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